2012 Board Elections

All of the following Board Positions are up for nomination for Board positions of a 2-year term beginning January 2013:

  • President (currently held by Sylvester Mora - seeking re-election=NO)
  • Treasurer (currently held by Carmen Pereida - seeking re-election=YES)
  • Commissioner (currently held by Victoria Lara - seeking re-election=YES)
  • Director of Promotions (currently held by Shannon Lackey- seeking re-election=YES)
  • Director of Concessions (currently held by Shannon Lackey - seeking re-election=YES)
  • Coaching Director (currenly held by John Jimenez - seeking re-election=YES)

    All of the following Board positions are up for nomination for Board positions for a 1-year term beginning January 2013:

  • Travel Coach Director (currently held by Sherry Roberson - seeking re-election=NO)
  • U10 Director (currently held by Manuel Alvarado - seeking re-election=?)
  • U8 Director (currently held by Sam Aleman - seeking re-election=YES)
  • U5/U6 Boys Director (currently held by Tyler Lackey - seeking re-election=YES)
  • U5/U6 Girls Director (currently held by Nannette Mettlach - seeking re-election=YES)

    The following Board positions are up for appointment due to early resignation of existing members. These positions may be appointed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Director of Referees (currently held by Valerie Fountain - unable to continue in Spring)
  • Director of Technology (currently held by Sherry Roberson - resigned)

    Nominations for above positions may be submitted before the December elections.

    What are the responsibilities of the various Board positions?
    Detailed responsibilites for each Board Member can be found in our GPSA By-Laws.

    When are elections?
    Elections will be held at the December General Membership Meeting. Date and time to be announced in November.

    Who can vote?
    Any GPSA member is eligible to vote once. No member shall have more than one vote. For further information on membership criteria and voting see our GPSA By-Laws.

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