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Traveling Recreational:

U10 Girls

U10 Boys

U11/12 Girls

U11/12 Boys


G-P United 07 G - U11 Coach BJ Valdez

G-P United 07 B - U11 Coach Johnny Pereida

G-P United 06 G - U12 Coach Lennox Shaffie

G-P United 06 B - U12 Coach Eric Encinia

G-P United 05 G - U13 Coach Charles Gregory

G-P United 03 G - U15 Coach Rey Zapata

G-P United 04 B - U14 Coach Andres Garza

It is GPSA policy for parents and players to sit on opposites sides of the field. Both teams will sit on one side of the playing field, while parents will sit on the opposite side. Persons who do not comply will be asked to move to the correct area or to leave the field. Thank you for your cooperation.

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