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What equipment do I need to get for my child to play soccer?
  • For U5 - U13 Recreational players: black shorts and shin guards. It is also recommended that they have their own soccer ball and soccer cleats.
  • U11 & Up Competitive players: Shin guards, soccer cleats, soccer ball

    What is the Registration Fee for my child? Current registration rates can be found on the Registration page.

    Why is the registration fee so high? Registration fees are determined every year. The board does their best to keep fees reasonable but they must cover costs which include:
  • STYSA fees
  • CBYSA fees
  • insurance
  • field maintenance costs
  • field rental fees
  • uniforms (for recreational players)
  • referees (Example: for a typical U13 game, referees cost $95/game)

    Can I pay by Check instead of by Credit Card? Yes, you can pay by Check by mailing the Check and registration forms to GPSA, P.O. Box 381, Portland, TX 78374. Once you get to the payment section of the online registration, you can exit out of the registration process and mail the check to the P.O. Box.

    When can my child start playing soccer? Children must be turning four (4) before August 1st to play in the Fall Season.

    When, how long, and where are practices and games held? The coaches are in charge of their own practice schedules. Most teams practice once to twice a week for an hour to an hour and a half after 5:00pm. The U6 and under divisions are limited to practicing just once a week. Practices are held all over the city at the different city parks and your coach will let you know which one they will be using.

    Most games for U5 - U8 teams are on Saturday mornings at the Portland Soccer Fields. If there are rainouts or cancellations, then there might be a game during the week after 5:00pm. For the U10 and above divisions there may be some travel involved to play teams in Corpus Christi or the surrounding areas. Only in the Competitive Divisions, DII and above, is any travel required outside of the general Corpus Christi area. It is not uncommon for the older teams (U11 and up) to play on Sunday afternoons.

    When does the season start and end? The Fall season games typically begin early to mid September and are usually finished before Thanksgiving. For competitive teams, playoffs are usually in early December.

    The Spring season games usually begin in early to mid February, with older teams starting a little later. U5 - U8 teams will usually be finished by mid to late March. The older teams' spring season length will vary, but playoffs are usually in May.

    What do the levels of play (DI, DII, SII, DIV, etc) mean? GPSA offers players several levels of play to fulfill the needs of players age 4 through 19 of various skill levels.

    Division IV (DIV): Recreational Under-10 and younger
    Children learn the basics of soccer through positive, fun training sessions that include short demonstrations and lots of participation. The primary goal of this play level is fun and the opportunity to play. There is a requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.

    Division III (DIII): Recreational Under-11 through Under-19
    Designed for players who enjoy the sport for the social aspect as well as developing their skills, recreational teams in these age groups are formed through assignment of all interested participants to a team. There is a team requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.

    Division II (DII): Competitive Under-11 through Under-19
    This introductory level of competitive play is designed for those who enjoy the social aspect of the game and want to continue to develop their skills through better competition. There is a team requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.

    Super II (SII): Competitive Under-11 through Under-19
    Selection of players based on talent and ability is permitted and generally includes a pool of players from a broader spectrum. Teams participate in the Super II league within the District which requires more commitment with regard to travel and expense. There is also a requirement that coaches make every effort to play each player at least 50% of each game.

    Division I (DI): Competitive Under-11 throuth Under-19
    Recognized as the highest level of play within the state, players may be selected from across the state based on their ability, skill, and commitment to the sport including a more demanding practice and game schedule. There is no play time requirement at this level.

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