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Competitive vs Recreational
GPSA players that are 10+ years old have the option of moving up to Competitive (DII, SII, DI) or continuing to play Recreational (Div III) soccer. The main difference in the two is that competitive players must try out for the team and are expected to participate at a higher level than recreational players.

What age does competitive play start? All players that will turn 10 years of age or older before August 1st of the current year can try out for a competitive team during the Fall season and/or the following Spring season if one is available.

Does it cost more to play competitive? Why? Yes, it does cost more to play competitive soccer. Registration fees are higher because referees are paid more for this level of play. Name brand uniforms are also purchased by the player in addition to registration fees. Uniforms styles are used for 2 years by the club to maximize a player's use of them. Many competitive coaches may opt to hire a trainer for the team and request players to pay a monthly training fee. Teams that advance to playoffs or play tournaments may incur additional fees and travel costs. Competitive teams are allowed to have fundraisers as long as they are sanctioned by GPSA. These funds can be used for any team related expenses.

When are tryouts? Fall tryouts are typically held the end of May and first part of June. Often there will also be tryouts towards the end of summer or after school starts for teams that are still needing to fill their rosters.

Spring tryouts are usually in January and are only for new players who did not play in the Fall. Players who play in the Fall season are automatically accepted back on their teams after they pay their Spring Registration fees.

For tryout schedules, refer to Competitive Tryouts

Will there be a recreational team for my older player? We can never answer this until registration for the season is over. It depends on how many players sign up and whether we have any volunteer coaches. It is not uncommon for several age groups to be combined and for recreational teams of U11+ to be coed.

What is expected of competitive players? Competitive players should make every effort to make all practices and games. Since the team is playing at a competitive level, one of the ultimate goals is to advance to playoffs and this takes 100% dedication of all players. If the team does advance to playoffs, parents need to be prepared to make the financial sacrifices needed or to participate in fundraisers to meet these financial needs.

Do we have to participate in playoffs? Part of the challenge and fun of playing competitive is having the chance to advance to playoffs. At the end of the season, if your team qualifies for playoffs, it should be assumed that ALL players on the team are expected to participate. The team depends on all players. Teams should not feel it is "ok" to opt not to go to playoffs when they qualify. Competitive playoff tournaments are no fun if half of the competition does not show up.

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